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Teton Fly Fishing Blog; wet wade fishing

Welcome to Teton Fly Fishing's humble fishing Blog. The following are my thoughts and observations on fly fishing and fly tying, with a little rock n' roll thrown in for good measure. A lot of the posts deal with fishing my home waters here in Jackson Hole and western Wyoming. Enjoy!

Posted on Jul 07, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

Fly Fishing continue to heat up here in Jackson Hole. I spent the past week fishing folks on a variety of waters. The Green river is now fishing pretty well and it's my go to for float trips at this time since the Snake is still high and muddy. Grey Drakes, PMDs, Stoneflies, etc. are all hatching on the Green. The fishing hasn't been easy, but we've caught some nice fish. Additionally, the Lewis and upper Snake river in Yellowstone has made for some fun wade fishing for guests.

Mike shows off a nice cutthroat from Flat Creek. A few Green Drakes got the fish looking up...

mike with cutthroat

Steve hooked up on the upper Snake in Yellowstone National Park. Note the confluence of the Snake and Lewis rivers. The Snake there is still off color but clearing quickly. Dry fly fishing is pretty good!

fly fishing the upper Snake

Mike and Nick floated the Green with me a few days back. The fish made these guys work, but they managed to hold their own and caught a couple nice browns and rainbows.

Nick with a nice Green river Rainbow

Susan is all smiles on the Lewis river. Nymphs and Dry flies got the job done.

Susan hooked up

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

I've spent the past few weeks guiding some great folks on a variety of waters here in the greater Jackson Hole area. The fly fishing's been pretty good overall despite the big runoff we're having. Yellowstone National Park has been the primary destination with folks. Thankfully the Firehole has been in great shape and allowed us to target fish with dries and nymphs. Additionally, I've also fished folks on area lakes and the upper Green river.

The upper Green is dropping and should start fishing well. The other day down there was tough despite tons of grey drakes, PMDs and stoneflies hatching. I think the slow fishing might have had to do with a big weather change; air pressure changes can really shut fish down and I have a feeling that the big thunderstorms and cooling temps conspired against us. In any event, it's nice to be getting out and showing folks our great fisheries.

One of several nice fish Chuck caught on the Firehole. Clouds rolled in and the PMDs started emerging, Dry fly fishing got GOOD!

Firehole Brown trout

Kirk and Tasha's first day of fly fishing included everything- Brown trout, Rainbows and a wandering herd of Bison in Yellowstone National Park. (don't worry, we gave these guys plenty of space...)

Nez Perce

Mark cast along the Firehole river as a small geyser goes off across the way. The fish made us work, but in the end, Mark landed some nice browns and rainbows making for a fun day.

Mark on the Firehole

Lakes can be fun but tough. If you're only gonna catch a couple fish, a big Brook trout like this is the way to go! Fun day with Jamie, Neal and their ladies!

Big brookie

Posted on May 07, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

Finally some proper spring fishing weather around here! I recently spent three great days in the sunshine fishing a favorite small stream of mine with good friends. The fishing wasn't anything outstanding, but the days were.

casting into a wyoming small stream

My friend Jeromie gets into casting position...

Jeromie with antler

The man has a knack fo finding antlers.

small stream snake river cutthroat

One of the beautiful little snake river cutthroat trout that fell for a dry fly.

Nate of Teton Fly Fishing on a small Wyoming stream

While I spent most of my time working with Lulu on her fishing training, I did get to fish some nice little runs.

Lulu and Iz looking for trout

Lulu and her buddy Iz always keeping an eye out for rising trout.

Nate and Lulu

Me and Lulu having a post fishing beer.

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

Haven't been doing too much fishing lately. Waters haven't been in the greatest shape and work continues on the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. I'm happy to report that things are coming together nicely and I'm hoping to finish up in the next week or two. I snuck down to the water yesterday to wet a line. The Wind is running high and dirty so I had low expectations. Fortunately a feisty whitefish took my fly and put up a fight making the outing a success.

I'm sad to report that my Grandfather, Don Goldstrom, passed away a few weeks back. My grandad and I were really close and he's the reason my life revolves around fly fishing. As many of you know I was fortunate enough to start fly fishing when I was little under his tutelage, joining him on many of the Wyoming waters I fish today. He set a fine example for me, encouraging me to pursue my passions and I think he was pretty proud to know his grandson was actually making a living in Jackson guiding and making art. The last time we fished together, I floated him, Jamie and Lulu down the Salt river, and despite being 88 he caught a ton of fish on dry flies. I was hoping to see him out here again this summer for another day on the water and cocktails afterword, but he decided it was time to move on. Fortunately I have a lot of great memories with him, both fishing and otherwise and I know that anytime I step into a trout stream or tie a fly, I'll think of him. You can read his obit here

Grandad's funeral

He left some big boots to fill.

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

At last it seems like spring is coming. Days are much longer and warmer. There's still TONS of snow around but lately we've seen temperatures in the 40s. This is great news for Wyoming fly fishermen. Midges are hatching on the Snake river and it's not uncommon to have some really great dry fly fishing this time of year.

I continue to spend a lot of my time working on the Teton Fly fishing cabin remodel. Once things get finished in the next couple weeks, i'll post some pictures. Things are coming along nicely and i have a feeling fishing clients are really going to like the improvements here. Also just complete a new watercolor painting. Named "Chomper", it's a 18"x24" watercolor and is for sale if anyone's interested- $600. If you're interested, give a shout.

Nate Bennett original watercolor

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 / By NATE / 0 Comments

I just read a brief article about the predicted spring runoff and what to expect. It got me thinking about fishing options for guests and what folks can expect and look forward too this upcoming fishing season. The following are my thoughts, and hopefully will help you plan your Jackson Hole fly fishing trip.

First off, we've had a HUGE amount of snow so far this winter. While a lot depends on the weather the next few months, I expect the spring runoff to bigger than normal and last longer. Fear not though, there are plenty of great places to fish during runoff provided you're flexible. Here's a break down of months and where we'll go...

April- Snake and waters over around the Dubois fishing cabin will fish really well. Dry fly fishing can be some of the best of the year and larger fish are happily feeding.

May- As area rivers rise and muddy, lakes become fun options. There's a lot of them around here and I really like taking my drift boat on them to sight-fish with streamers. Typically trout are cruising the shallows and love a leech pattern. Also, there are some small waters that remain clear.

June- Lakes continue to be a good option. Yellowstone also becomes a good choice. Waters in the southwest part of the park (Firehole, Madison, etc.) aren't as effected by the snow melt and make for super-fun days. Also, the Green river will clear and fish. Even when off color and high, the Green can be pretty good with nymphs, streamers and big dry fly patterns.

July- Usually the Snake clears in July. This year, i bet it starts fishing better later in the month. The Green will continue to fish well. The smaller tributaries will also start fishing really well with dry flies.

So there's my super basic brake down on what I'm anticipating for our upcoming early fishing season. Should be another great year and if anything the snow this winter will mean rivers like the Green fish well longer into the season.

Posted on Feb 08, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

What a winter we're having in Jackson Hole. It seems that the winter storms just keep coming and folks are running out of places to put the snow. So far this week we've had the Sears building's roof collapse and then last night with wind gusts in the valley hitting near 90mphs, numerous power lines buckled, causing a major power outage at Teton Village. The ski resort is closed for the next few days last least as LVE works round the clock to get things back up. Bummer for folks out on ski vacation but fortunately here in town things are okay.

evening view from Teton Fly Fishing cabin

Sunset on the Ramshorn; A view from the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. Lots of snow there. Thank goodness for the snowblower!

All this winter weather has made fishing a bit tough. As February rolls on, I expect things to pick up. Warmer days in the 30s and 40s should get midges hatching and it won't be long before some good dry fly fishing occurs. I've been spending the bulk of my time teaching, both in the high school and alternative high school, and also working over in Dubois at the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. There's a big remodel underway and I have no doubt my guest will love it! Progress is slow, but we're making headway and I'm hoping to have things finished by the beginning of April. With all the Snow, critters are all around searching for food. At the cabin, there's been a mountain lion hunting deer as well as two moose feeding on our aspen trees. It's a tough time for the animals, but cool to see them up close.

moose at the fishing cabin

One of the moose frequenting the cabin. These guys have been making the rounds feeding on our Aspen trees.

Hunkering down tying flies and strumming the guitar is fun and I've been working on small fly patterns for the spring. Really looking forward to some warmer days and jumping fish. Hope everyone's staying warm.

red midge pattern for spring

This is one of my favorite winter fly patterns; kinda like a zebra midge. It's red thread, silver wire, a bead and some UV glue. Tie them in size 14-18. I really like to fish this behind a larger stone fly pattern

Posted on Jan 15, 2017 / By / 0 Comments

Here in Jackson Hole, the first few weeks of 2017 have been cold and snowy. Temperatures dipping to around 30 below and several feet of snow have have meant a lot of time indoors. I've been staying busy tying flies, building some cigar box guitars and opting to capture trout with watercolors rather than more conventional fly fishing tackle.

nate bennett watercolor- "fall river rainbow"

A new watercolor- "Fall River rainbow" 16x24. While subbing HS art class, I was able to work on several new paintings including this one.

That said, last Saturday I took three crazies from Michigan wade fishing on the Snake. Despite the fact that temperatures barely got above 0 during the day, Sean, Tim and Sean wanted to say they fished the Snake while visiting Jackson. We found a little water that was open and free of ice and worked it until feet and fingers were cold. The fish didn't eat our nymphs though and after about an hour, fly rods were traded for pulls of whiskey and we retreated back to the truck. Never have i guided in such cold weather and I don't plan on doing it again.... In the weeks to come, as days start getting longer (and a bit warmer), I'll continue the winter fishing, both for fun and with clients. 

Posted on Jan 02, 2017 / By nate / 0 Comments

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2017 treats you well and you have some fun fishing your favorite waters. Things around here at Teton Fly Fishing world headquarters have been pretty uneventful lately. Jamie and I made a trip back to PA to spend Christmas with family and just recovered from a fun weekend celebrating new years at the fishing cabin with friends. I'd like to tell you some fishing happened, but truth be told, it's been cold and snowy...

Most of my free time the past month or so has been spent working on the cabin. My friend Dave (master carpenter) is helping me with a big remodel project- some new windows, doors, sheet rock and bathrooms. All of this will make for an even nicer cabin stay for fishing guests.

In the weeks and months to come, I plan on getting back on the water and fooling some trout. As some of you know, the Snake can fish decent in the winter months. A lot has to do with finding some productive holding water for our native cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish. Keep a look out for slow, deeper runs. These often hold quite a few fish and can keep an angler busy. More to come in the next few days on winter fly fishing the Snake.


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